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“When I read Chickadee, I always learn something new! It is fun.”
– Tasha

The Full-of-Fun, Hands-On Magazine for Children Ages 6 to 9.

Created in 1979, Chickadee satisfies the 6- to 9-year-old’s insatiable thirst for knowledge and appetite for humour. Chickadee acknowledges the growing independence of primary-aged children and fosters their curiosity about and connection to the world around them.

Every month, the Chickadee team creates a package of interactive stories, puzzles, animal features, and science experiments to educate and entertain readers.


Features Right from the first page, the magazine’s title characters Chick and Dee greet the reader with learning and laughs. The You Asked? column fosters kids’ intellectual curiosity while promoting real engagement with magazine editors. Brain-teasing puzzles, fun animal facts, unique crafts, simple science experiments, and rich, engaging fiction round out Chickadee’s pages, providing hours of enjoyment, whether read alone or with the help of an adult.

The Chickadee team works with an advisory group made up of 6- to 9-year-old kids across North America, along with curriculum experts, to ensure that the magazine is educational and engaging.

When readers pick up their issue of Chickadee, they know this magazine belongs to them!

10 issues per year


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