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“This magazine is a great way to get my kids looking forward to reading.”
– Lee

OWL Magazine: ages 9-13

Since 1976, OWL has ignited the curiosities of kids ages 9 to 13. OWL continues to give children access to new information in a fun, age-appropriate and engaging way. OWL inspires kids to learn and discover through articles, puzzles and quizzes, infographics, interviews and more to highlight the elements of science and tech, engineering, art and math. Unusual for its intended age group, OWL is loved by both girls and boys, identifying the core of what really matters to 9- to 13-year-olds and relaying it with a signature honesty, intelligence, and humour.

Designed specifically for preteens, OWL is the perfect mix of print and digital.

OWL Magazine is loaded with tech news, interviews, hands-on building, puzzles, comics and more delivered right to your door.

OWLconnected eMag, is a bi-weekly, current affairs eMag featuring news of the week, feature stories, sports, entertainment, quizzes and more sent right to your inbox.

Plus, you get access to, the daily current affairs website for kids.

Inspiring young minds for more than 40 years, OWL continues to inform and inspire preteens looking to engage with the world they live in.

10 issues per year


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